Distribute Your Content Seamlessly To Targeted Publishers
  • Reach your audiences and tell your brand story with engaging content
  • Distribute all types of content: text, images, videos, and much more…
  • Content automatically adapts seamlessly to each website, mobile web, or app
  • Target native brand content by page location, geography, and audience
  • One place to manage all your content marketing distribution and analytics
  • Central place to manage your brand newsroom
The Future of Content Marketing Lies in Performance
In today’s world brands are dedicating 39 to 40 percent of their budgets to content marketing and producing 27 million pieces of content every single day. Each brand’s content is fighting a battle for consumer attention, and with this explosion of content the quality bar gets raised higher and higher. As brands have become publishers, the digital world has become a content battleground.

#INNLIVESCP Content Performance Marketing platform helps brands: Target Demand, Optimize Content, and Measure Results to win on the content battleground.

Data Cube
With the #INNLIVESCP Data Cube marketers can see which channels, content types and topics are performing, and which competitors are vying for market share. The Data Cube enables marketers to tap into the industry’s largest dataset, including billions of pieces of content, rich media, and social, at web-wide scale. Marketers can see both historical and real-time demand with the Data Cube Time Machine to understand effectiveness over time. These insights into consumer demand set marketers up for success with a content strategy that is tailor-made for the target audience.

Content Optimizer
A common challenge that many organizations face in the content creation process is the lag from when content is first published, to when it is optimized. This lag often means lost consumer attention, conversions, and revenue. #INNLIVESCP Content Optimizer solves this challenge and bridges the gap between content creation and optimization. Now content and editorial teams can leverage the proven power of #INNLIVESCP content recommendations and competitive analysis directly within Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) allowing them to easily create optimized content from day one.

Landing Page Optimizer
As digital media is consumed across multiple channels, formats and device types - simply creating content is not enough. It’s become increasingly important for marketers to understand the performance of their content within the context of the broader marketplace. Brands have no way of identifying the specific landing pages they are competing with across all their websites and brand properties. And, have no means of identifying which competitors are winning for each of their landing pages. With Landing Page Optimizer brands can ensure their landing pages win on the competitive content battleground.

Ignite Campaigns
At #INNLIVESCP we’re committed to the success of every digital marketer. Leveraging the best practices of the community, we developed Ignite Campaigns to create an even playing field for all levels of digital marketers. Ignite campaigns illustrates the potential opportunity of existing content, with recommendations based on a brand’s competitors successful content strategies. With Ignite Campaigns marketers can easily optimize all their content with a guided workflow.

Now every marketer can tell their story by harnessing the power of all digital marketing data (#INNLIVESCP data, analytics, and your own data). With StoryBuilder brands can build beautiful charts and dashboards in seconds, and answer questions on the fly such as, what is their Year/Year revenue and visit performance by channel, how has mobile grown, and what’s their historical global vs. local performance. With this data, marketers are able to measure their results in-real time, transform static data into insights, and insights into stories.

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