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Sponsorship of INNLIVE Media offers opportunities for visibility in INNLIVE emagazine, on and its subsidary networks, and in other media formats. Sponsorship is much like advertising, except that as a nonprofit organization, we are selective about our sponsors—because they are partners in fulfilling our mission!

Sponsorship with INNLIVE Media offers opportunities for dynamic, multi-layered relationships with a fast-growing audience of thought-leaders and engaged readers. Through Sponsorship with INNLIVE Media, you'll have the chance to communicate your message to 10,000 readers in INNLIVE emagazine, to 500,000 monthly visitors online at and subsidaries, through 75,000 email subscribers, via robust social media audiences, including 185,000 Facebook fans and 90,000 Twitter followers, and to 12,000 monthly listeners through our podcasts, Popaganda and Backtalk.

We prefer Sponsors rather than Advertisers because what we promote is as important to us as what we don't, and as an independent, nonprofit media organization, we're selective about who we work with. Sponsors are among an exclusive group of INNLIVE-approved and recommended businesses, organizations, products, brands and more!

We'll help you put together the right package on any budget, and we'll evaluate your campaign's success through rigorious analytics every step of the way. 

If you're ready to jump in get in touch - contact us at or Click Here instantly.

Need more info on current sponsors and their campaigns? Look no further:

Academic & Campus Events
We're thrilled to help academic institutions and partner organizations reach target audiences for special events, selective programs, and more. Most recently, we assisted Colleges with recruitment for its Gender Studies Symposium through email and social media, a strategic partnership that increased attendance by all measures.  On the other side of the coin, we're also able to organize robust events with your outcomes in mind.  Whether you're looking for a speaker to talk, about feminism in pop culture, review media critiques, or delve into the inner-workings of an independent, nonprofit publisher, we're happy to help. More information on speakers and what we offer can be found here - contact us at or Click Here instantly.

Artists, Albums Books, and Beyond
Of course, INNLIVE Media is a great place to launch the latest album or spark a conversation about a new title, especially if you're looking to reach an informed, engaged community of diverse citizens. We're happy to help execute a strategic campaign through a sponsorship package that increases the buzz around your release date and is guaranteed to deliver in sales.  Just get in touch, we can adjust packages to fit just about any budget. Details, contact us at or Click Here instantly.

Progressive Advocacy
If your advocacy group's mission shares our values as a media organization, we're more than happy to partner up to get the word out about the good work you're doing to move the conversation forward. Our readers have responded with enthusiasm to the offers of groups like CREDO Mobile, We Are Ultraviolet, Amnesty International, and others. 

These partnerships have included segmented emails, social media, web advertising, and co-sponsored campaigns. In most cases, we can put together a sponsorship package that fits your budget on a tight timeline; so make sure you get in touch right away if you're ready to take action with INNLIVE Media! - contact us at or Click Here instantly. 

Progressive Businesses
The list of businesses that have experienced a significant bump after partnering with INNLIVE Media is long and diverse. We're happy to help craft a message that delivers maximum ROI. Whatever your goals, we can work together to create a custom package that includes opportunities to engage through email, print, web, social media, and podcast audiences. Get Connected - contact us at or Click Here instantly.

Local Partnerships
We're willing to work together with all kinds of organizations to create and execute robust events. If you'd like more information on how INNLIVE Media can help improve your event, contact us at or Click Here instantly.




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