We break stories, influence ideas, and advance news intelligence and cultural interest. We expose the events that turn politics, markets and barriers, the digital breakthroughs that transform art, the demand that drives invention, as well as the political and societal passing moments and lasting consequences. We are the people of INNLIVE NETWORK involved in print, electronic and television news sourcing. From different fields, backgrounds and viewpoints we invite you to join us. Examine the world and bring it to others. Apply with your CV and a sample of your writing to 


Start with native intelligence, add ambition, courage, a strong work ethic, the ability to work with others and, perhaps most important, the vision to see beyond the obvious and take our readers there. They expect to learn something they don’t already know every time they consume our journalism, whether it’s a smart blog post on a breaking-news event, a poignant video accompanying a deeply reported feature, or an interactive graphic on a market trend that connects the dots in a way that text can’t.

Interested? Take the next step and apply for a position at INNLIVE NETWORK.

INNLIVE, India's news leader for 6 years, is seeking hard core news driven, dynamic and young professionals to join their winning news team.

Six years ago, we started out with small steps powering a big dream. A dream of being the best in the business of blogging. Each of the passing six years has been splendid. Each for a very different reason. Some by sheer spectacular outcomes that beat our grandest expectations to pulp. Yet others, where our hopes for great results was bettered by experiences that we would label 'humbling'!

The other day we sat at the drawing board and sketched out our plans for the future. With the wonderful things that came out of it, the team wanted more smart heads and hands. We realised that scripting of the dreams that we are dreaming up requires more cool people and cooler aspirations. 

Naturally, we thought, what better than to blog about this and let you awesome bloggers know. Could that be you? Or maybe someone you know? If you want to build your career at the snazzy intersection where Bloggers and Brands work up the magic, or work with a community who redefines itself with every post on the blogsphere, well, do drop in a note! 

We are looking for people with energy and verve. The 'passionate about results' kind of people. Folks that prefer being handed a canvas rather than a completed picture. You know, the kind of people who detest being 'told'. The kind that go after results like a determined rocket with a perfect lift off.

We are looking for people in:

- Content + Social
- Campaign Management
- Business Development
- Event Manager
- Web Developers / PHP Programmers
- Web/Graphic Designers
- Admin, Logistics, Support

We could write many posts on what it is to work with us. We could tell you how cool we are. To impress you, we may show you our client list. A peek into our community of bloggers? Perhaps pictures of cakes & bouquets sent by clients. The accolades won. The formats launched. The brands that rose to prominence. 

Over the years, we realise that such stuff never manages to give the full picture. That picture is complete only when you are in the picture. Give us a shout at with details about you and the wonderful work you've done till now. Lets get talking.

Job Description
INNLIVE Group is looking for a Deputy Editor (Online) to help grow the audience and reach of INNLIVE portals.

Candidates must have a deep understanding of promoting and editing a news website whether it be desktop, mobile, tablet or phablet.

Strong SEO skills, socially media savvy, the successful candidate is a multimedia content consumer who knows how to operate on numerous platforms, all combined with proven editorial decision making, and the ability to keep up with the latest trends in digital.

The Deputy Editor (Online) will be as adept at understanding analytics, and how to use them effectively to drive traffic, as they are handling and developing breaking news.

A key role, the successful candidate will be at the digital newspaper’s march into digital excellence, inspiring and teaching their team and the wider newsroom.

Wage depends on experience but will be tax free, add to that one return flight a year plus health insurance to form a competitive package.

Experience: 1 - 3 years depending upon the position applied. The candidate is expected to have proven skills in creating rundowns, editing and packaging news in all formats and genres. Candidates must be able to turnaround breaking news and respond quickly to the fast-paced news environment in consultation with the senior editorial team. The senior position on the content team is expected to have prior experience in leading teams and robust decision making. Experience in 24x7 news channel or 24x7 updating news sites is preferable.

Experience: 2- 4 years of work experience in News & Social Media.  The candidate must display strong editorial sense while managing social media marketing strategy for the news portal, focusing on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media platforms. The candidate is expected to generate ideas for engaging with online communities, build fan base and increase traffic. Track and analyse the portal's social media performance and conduct competitive analysis studies. This is a position on the Digital News Desk team which requires quick and robust decision making.

POSITION: Producer - Promos
Experience: 2 - 4 years ideally with promos background. The candidate must have keen design sense, establish creative credentials, visualize and implement on cutting-edge promos for the news portal at short notice.

POSITION: Producer - Technical
Experience: 2 - 6 years with a news portal management. Good expertise in software, design, layout, and site feasibility development. Excellent creative skills with ability to make the news portal attractive and user-friendly.

All the above positions invite go-getters, who are passionate about news portal and who will be able to survive the competitive challenges of online news. The jobs requires high performers and team players. Should you be interested and looking for a challenging and rewarding career, shoot your covering letter with your resume mentioning "INNLIVE JOBS" in subjectline to 


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