Thursday, June 25, 2015

Shocking: Top West Bengal Government Hospital Director Transferred After Tried To Do A 'Dog's Dialysis' Treatment!

By Swara Bose in Kolkata
In a shocking incident in West Bengal state-run government hospital a VIP-dog dialysis performed along with human patients in a row. The dog didn’t undergo complete dialysis and INNLIVE break the news, but the hospital’s director has been transferred. That’s the story of Pradeep Mitra, who was the director of state-run SSKM Hospital. 

Close on heels of the bizarre incident in which Mitra had given the go-ahead for a dog to have dialysis - which didn’t happen in the end because the hospital is meant for humans - the West Bengal government transferred him to a nondescript hospital. 

After serving at the top-notch SSKM for seven years, it was certainly a humiliation which Mitra couldn’t digest. So it seems he is all set to seek voluntary retirement from the service. 

On Wednesday Mitra said that he considered the transfer order as a “demotion”. 

“I have been punished without any formal complaint. I believe severe injustice have been meted out to me. I really don’t know what is the reason behind my transfer,” Mitra said. 

Mitra, who served as the SSKM director for about seven years, said the transfer order cam
e to him as an “insult” and he would rather retire than join his new assignment at the College of Medicine and Sagore Dutta Hospital in Kamarhati. 

Mitra was in the news recently for reportedly giving clearance to the proposed dialysis of a dog, acting on a request by Trinamool Congress’ medical cell leader and state medical council president Dr Nirmal Maji. 

An influential member in the ruling Trinamool realm, Maji had referred the dog that belonged to one of his relatives for hemo-dialysis to the nephrology ward of the SSKM Hospital on June 10. 

The request reached the nephrology ward head Rajendra Pandey, who in turn forwarded the note to Mitra. However, the dialysis was not conducted due to objections of the doctors at the hospital. 

But, sources said, the health department has enough evidence that Mitra had actually given clearance for the dog’s dialysis. 

Officials said the health department also had various charges of irregularities against Mitra and the dog-dialysis episode was just the one among them. 

“Majority of West Bengal ministers and health officials do not welcome the decision of my transfer. But I would say a handful of people in the health department gave a wrong picture to the chief minister against me. And they have been successful in that,” Mitra said, insisting he has been the victim of a conspiracy.

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