Saturday, June 20, 2020

#ShareTheLoad #MultiplyLove: An Alarm To Make The Society 'Wake Up' For #ShareChoresMultiplyLove

Ariel encourages men to #ShareTheLoad to make home an equal space 
so that women can have #ShareChoresMultiplyLove.
It's not a surprise that in India about 71% of women sleep less than their husbands due to household chores. In the pursuit to excel in her career and also bring the best for her family, a woman usually compromises on her time to sleep to be able to do everything. It is no surprise that women end up being overworked with an acute lack of proper sleep.
In the outside world where men and women play equal roles in their professional lives, ironically do not manifest the same equality at home. When a man and woman come together to make a home for themselves, often the mental onus to keep the household in place scouts down to the women. As a result, women tend to overstretch their days to finish off the errands before and after their day jobs #ShareChoresMultiplyLove that leave them sleep-deprived.
When men of the household do not share equal responsibility, it directly impacts something as basic as rest for women. Ariel with its latest initiative encourages men to come forward and #ShareTheLoad to transform the household into an equal space because equality comes not just by sharing lives but also by sharing responsibilities so that women can have justified with love and affection.
Over the years emerging as an enabler for change, Ariel has championed the discourse of gender equality at households with its multiple #ShareTheLoad initiatives. Year on year, in its persistent effort to avert the gender prejudices at home, Ariel with its conversations around gender discourses, has, by all means, turned into a solution based movement to bring about a change in society.
Fast forward to the year 2020, addressing the often overlooked subject of sleep equality, Ariel has once again brought us back to identify, address and take an assured action against gender inequality in the domestic space, this time by highlighting the reality of #ShareChoresMultiplyLove. With increasing conversations and a resolute persistence, the participation of men in domestic chores has gone up with time. Most men who are starting out on their journey of taking over responsibilities agree that doing the laundry is the simplest way to set a foot forward towards an equal tomorrow.
Ariel has always been at the forefront of championing equality through its #ShareTheLoad initiative that started in the year 2015 with a pressing question, "Is laundry only a woman's job?". Furthering the cause, the initiative also created a movement called, "Dads Share The Load" in 2016 and then questioning "Are we teaching our sons what we have been teaching the daughters" in 2018 before coming back with yet another powerful subject #EqualSleep this season in 2020.
Making the movement actionable this year around, Ariel is encouraging men to take a credible step towards change by being equally involved in household chores even if that means starting out with the easiest one- #ShareTheLaundry.
#innlive appreciates the initiative taken by Ariel for being a facilitator of change by sparking a conversation, propelling a movement and mobilizing men of the household to pull up their socks and take action towards gender equality at home.

‘I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel India and BlogAdda‘ #innlive

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