Tuesday, March 21, 2017

#ColgateMagicalStories Space Adventures - My Story

Children are indeed great story tellers. Just spend an hour with them and you will learn so many things about it. Children have a very wide and innocent imagination. Their mind can explore through so many different adventures which are magical and mystic.

As a teacher I get to spend so much time among these magical explorers. While teaching subjects like History, Literature or Science, the children are so very engrossed in what is being taught. When I check their notebooks, the last few pages are always filled with artwork and imaginary pictures that tell a story.

With the improvement in technology, I feel our children are losing their creativity. I mean just look at it, if our child is given homework like writing an essay or preparing a craft or drawing something, what do we do? We immediately Google it. Whatsapp has even made sharing homework easier. Even schools now days have e-boards and projectors that show documentaries and videos to the kids to explain them their textbook stuff.

It’s time to unlock the imagination of our kids.

Colgate is here to help your child reconnect with his or her dream world. With the collection of mystical characters in the Colgate collectible packets, help your child explore his/her creative side and tell you a story. The new 4 different collectible packs of Colgate Strong Teeth packs come with interesting space adventures & some trivia inside them. Along with creativity, your child can also learn some interesting facts.

I handed over the packet to my daughter. Her eyes sparkled with joy and she immediately got working on preparing her magical story.

After almost three days, her story was ready and here it is. I’m sharing this with you’ll.

“The tution teacher was absent so the children started jumping with joy thinking that it would be a free period. But to their shock, the teacher decided to take the period to complete her portion.

She started teaching the students about the solar system and the space. She was telling the stories about astronauts.

As I looked into the textbook I saw beautiful pictures of the planets and solar bodies. I saw a picture of a rocket. I began to think how it would be like to travel in space.

My parents and I got into a car and travelled to NASA. There we found out that there was an asteroid making is way towards earth.

The NASA team was sending a group of astronauts  into space to destroy the planet and save earth.

I joined the group of astronauts. We received training and were prepared to go to  and trained us to work without gravity. I wore my space suit which was made of 13 layers of material.

Our rocket took off and while doing so it emitted a lot of power which is almost more than 13000 train engines.

We entered into space. We landed on a space station that allowed us to live and work in earth’s orbit.

From our space station we could see many planets at a far distance. The sun shone very brightly like a ball of fire.

From the computers in our source station we saw the comet and how far it was.

We had machines ready to destroy the comet. But when we tried to destroy it we failed.

As I was heading back to my space station in my space ship from a failed mission, in a far distance I noticed an UFO. I got very scared.

The UFO came close to my spaceship and opened its doors. An alien got out of it.

I was very scared. But the alien was friendly. He told us that he and his team will help us destroy the comet if we help him to return to his home planet Mars as his UFO was out of fuel.

We promised him. We helped him reach Mars with the help of our rocket. His family was very happy to see him. They gave us a special lazer missile as a gift.

We used that lazer missile to destroy the comet. We saved earth. I and my team returned back to earth after our very successful mission.That’s when the school bell rang. I saw the blackboard and noticed that the teacher had explained to us about the different planets and their features.

But, I think, I learned a lot more on my magical space journey.”

“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.”

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