Friday, August 12, 2016

Yummy For Your Tummy... With A Twist!


Talk about authentic flavors, international cuisines and fast food, and we picture a swanky food joint in a foreign country. What if these food innovations were a part of our own Desi gastronomies?

Here, ogle your heart out at some of these crazy-twisted dishes that would make you go, "now that's a good news…yummm!”

Sev Puri Sandwich
On a monsoon evening, when you crave for some chaat and are on the lookout for the nearest Sev Puri stall, Mumbai's sandwich makers will surprise you with some crunchy Sev Puri in a hot toasted sandwich, upping the ante with some spicy mint chutney for a lip-smacking twist.

Scrambled Egg Cup-noodle
One dish that goes well with different spices, vegetables and even eggs is our very own childhood favorite – Cup noodles. Most of us had started experimenting with it way back in our school days but as we grew, so did the innovations with this common household item. Throw in some cooked eggs garnished with onions & coriander leaves and, voila! Your 2-minute hot feast is ready!

Tuna Paratha Roll
For all the fish lovers out there, nothing could be better than soft Tuna melting in your mouth in the very popular and practical roll. Say hello to devouring in the fishy love of Paratha rolls!

McAloo Tikki in Lebanese & Mexican flavors
McDonald's is globe-trotting with its hot-selling McAloo Tikki burger – The American burger brand has brought the good news of the newest burger flavor launch 'Lebanese and Mexican'. The Mexican McAloo Tikki is stuffed with Jalapenos topped with tangy Salsa sauce and the Lebanese McAloo Tikki comes loaded with gherkins and spicy harissa sauce. So, are you all set to taste these mouthwatering burgers with a twist? These two transnational tastes are certain to be every vegetarian's delight and ready to sweep every foodie off his feet for 39/- only. - Further information, visit:

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