Friday, August 12, 2016

Brain Stormer: What Should The Prime Minister Speak On Independence Day?


Prime Minster Narendra Modi has set a new trend by asking people’s views for his Independence Day speech. His attempt to draw closer and closer towards the people will make the Government perform better and realise the demands and problems of millions. So far 1100 suggestions have come up ranging from attack on Dalits and Muslims to simmering conflicts in Kashmir. Realising the sensitivity of caste, religion and Kashmir, he must focus on delivering his I-Day speech.

He sparks real energy to the people. Millions of young voters have supported him because of his pro-active agenda. He is a man who really speaks and takes on the problems. His long road to development will surely take the country forward. The biggest beneficiary of the development projects and massive foreign direct investment will be no other than the young generation.

But, rising attack on Dalits and Muslims may take the country on the back foot. It will seriously impair the image of the rising India under his leadership. His global outreach will be overshadowed by the actions of a few negative elements who are consistently trying to bring disharmony to India’s multi-cultural and secular fabric. He must speak up followed by actions. No one has the right to take law into their hands. It is the very idea of India which is always imbued with the spirit and reality of diversity.

The PM must stand firm and ask the country’s security and intelligence agencies to track the anti-social elements within no time. When it comes to Kashmir, bridging the gap between the people and the Government should take the centre stage while offering the negotiating table to all the stakeholders including the separatist leaders. Kashmir’s question needs a permanent solution beyond talks and negotiations.

Therefore dialogue, diplomacy and vigilance on the border should equally move. It’s the PM who must make things happen being the head of the Government and others will simply follow. Dalits and Muslims must be made felt they are an inalienable part of our society, culture and religion. India needs to forge ahead with all of them. Hope PM’s leadership, vision and most importantly action will allay the fears from the minds of the Dalits and Muslims; and peace comes back to Jammu & Kashmir.

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