Sunday, July 03, 2016

'Rustom' Trailer Shows Why This Bollywood Film Is Watch Worthy?


After giving a lot of silly films, Akshay Kumar is back in a role that is already blowing our mind. The Khiladi Kumar’s role as Rustom Pavri in the trailer of his upcoming Bollywood film Rustom is quite a bomb!

The film is based on the infamous Nanavati case where 3 bullets moved not just the people involved but also the entire nation. The case still is a mystery in itself as it keeps us guessing over so many things.

A real life story, the film is based on the basic concept – Love, Sex aur Dhoka where the husband kills the wife’s lover. However, the twist in the tale is that the murderer becomes a victim and gets the sympathy of the entire nation.
Yes, the entire nation is in Rustam’s favor though there is a huge question – whether he is a patriot or a murderer? Nobody knows the reality and for that we will have to watch the film. Here we share 7 of the reasons why the film is a must watch – as:

Akshay Kumar as Rustom Pavri:
Akshay Kumar in serious roles is a real star. A class actor he simply gets into the shoes of his character and performs the role outstandingly. The way he is introduced in the film as a handsome naval officer flashing his badges focusing on his clean character, one is eager to know more about him. After all, it clearly shows how he is before the accident – a proud Indian with a background to boast about.

The Romance and Chemistry between Rustom and his wife:
Ileana D’ Cruz is Akshay Kumar’s wife in the film. Their chemistry and romance in the trailer is quite intriguing. The reason being, one cannot find any room for infidelity. This makes one wonder – then how what, when and why the wife betrays the loving husband.

The 3 Gun Shots:
If you have already read the Nanavati case, you know that the husband shot the lover and then surrendered himself. However, while reading the case and watching the trailer, there arises a lot of question in our mind about this scene. Will the film Rustom clear our doubts?

The Murderer is a Victim Here:
Incidentally, the murderer is the one who becomes the victim here and this isn’t any scripted fiction but a real story that happened in the 1960s India. Not just the people who knew him but his community as well as the country supported him in this case. He had the sympathy of the nation which eventually turned out in his favor – increases our curiosity already.

The Last Scene where Rustom plays Chess:
While playing chess, the man mentions how he thought he sacrificing his queen was a blunder but it wasn’t really a blunder but a well thought move. This final scene in the trailer in a way proves that there is more to the story than just a murder over infidelity.

The Film Comes From the Makers of Special 26:
The suspense, thrills, twists and scenes of Special 26 is still in our minds. After all, the film was brilliantly scripted. Now that Rustom comes from the same team we know the outcome would be really good. Needless to say, the team behind the film certainly makes us all the more hungry to watch the film.

It is a Period Film Highlighting a Real Story:
We all love to watch a period film especially the one that tries to focus a real life high profile case. Now that the film will shed light on many aspects of the case, the film Rustom is definitely a film to watch where the audience will finally know whether he is a Murderer or a Patriot or both. 

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