Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Dr. Venkat Reddy | Reader - INNLIVE

Today the world is passing through a difficult phase with ethnic and religious violence in many parts of the world. The lives of the common people are paralyzed due to the mayhem. Many fall victims to the violence for no fault of theirs. In this scenario, we expect our media to report on the actual news and ensure that they would not  harm or create friction among sections of people directly or indirectly.

Off late I have found our TV news channels want to score a few brownie points over their rivals and so latch on any subject which at first instance need not be brought out. Controversial speeches made by some irrelevant politicians which can be ignored at the most are given undue importance and countless  times repeated over the channels. This is not what we require from our channels.  As a common man who is interested in our Nation’s integrity and security I have a few suggestions for the various TV channels  and especially the English news media to observe some decorum while reporting on news regarding the security of our Nation. I have listed them out as they came to my mind. We have to understand that these  news are available to sections outside of India and troublesome neighbors can make issue out of these items.

1. India is a rich diversified country which has citizens belonging to many faiths and beliefs. The news reporting is to be done not for increasing TRP ratings but for positive reports. Many a time celebrities speak with unrelated phrases or words spontaneously and not what they had in mind. But the reporters keep on focusing such utterances to the point of irritation and polarize the minds of people. At the most these could be reported as a matter of fact once or twice and not definitely to become a subject for TV debates as such.

2. India’s diversity could be highlighted rather than conflicting news which are likely to affect the common man. As India moves forward they could bring in subjects of interest like social customs, religious festivals of all communities, communal harmony where all religions participate or any such events or on incidents which can make Indians proud. Again on the social media topics like importance of  cleanliness, Swachh Bharat, ideas called  for new storage systems for food grains, scope for increasing productivity themes could be broadcasted to create awareness among the majority of  Indians.  If there are some norms lacking in society they could be made as representation for the attention of the concerned authorities.

3. Again the attitude of racism and arrogant behavior by our celebrities or the politicians, wrong tendencies of individuals could be highlighted rather than on focusing on gruesome  accidents etc. In the developed world, news items which could cause discomfort or provoke trouble are generally relegated to the inner pages rather than the front page which is not adopted  by our news channels. Limited editions of magazines such as done by India Today could be brought out for individuals who are interested in finer details.

4. We need to know that detailed reporting on attacks on Indian security need not be broadcasted as the enemy could take advantage of these for their selfish ends. Have we not learnt from the Mumbai attacks of 2011 where continuous reporting of our troop movements helped  Pakistan terrorists in a big way?Again these could be forwarded by some black sheep from our Nation itself to our enemies. The common man is not interested in the finer details.

5. Again  for improving their own TRP ratings the TV anchors often  bring in  persons from such countries for debates on channels especially as observed in the English Channels which have no value addition to the public.  I have observed for the last several years channels like the TimesNow, NDTV, India Today bring the critics of these neighbors for debates and not a single such person has admitted or apologized for the country he represents, for any misdeeds. Why bring in such people for debates. Our armed forces know what is to be done and they need not be tutored by some of preposterous suggestions made on these channels.

6. I somehow feel the reporting on atrocities of our neighbor on POK and Baluchistan are  lacking in strength  by the media whereas the neighbor uses our own news channels for creating false news. While Indian channels transmit all details of our action on frontline, I find it strange that not a single reporting of the mis-demeanours of our troublesome neighbor is broadcasted on these channels. Are the channels short of such news clips or is there some   other limitation? It would be better to adopt a tit for tat policy in shaming the neighbor and also would suggest our channels to broadcast repeatedly especially to our troubled states for the misguided youth to wean away from false propaganda created by our enemy.

7. Somehow I find the propaganda used by the enemy country is done almost to every minutest details due to our news reporting whether intended or not. Our own propaganda of the atrocities committed by them are never reported. The govt is always caught on the wrong foot . The news channels can use their initiatives in propagating these acts on a continuous basis so that the enemy learns a lesson. 

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