Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Telangana IT Minister KTR And Venkaiah Naidu's Son Involved In Rs. 271 Crore 'Vehicle Scam'


In a shocking revelation about the Telangana IT Minister and Telangana Chief Minister KCR's son, KTR and Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu's son has been caught in a scam of 271 crores. A Mumbai based leading news channel, NewsX, has exclusively reported about the scam that involved the big heads of the Telangana politics. 

If we dig into the story, the Telangana IT Minister KTR who owns a Hero dealership, Himanshu Motors, and Venkaiah Naidu's son who owns Harsha Toyota supplied the vehicles to the Telangana government.

According to the law, the government have to welcome tenders for budget more than 3 lakhs. Sometimes an order is allotted to various dealers as the demand is too high. Shockingly, these two motor dealers did not put forward any tenders but they bagged the huge order. 

The Telangana Government directly forwarded the order of 2000 bikes and 3883 cars to these two dealers favoring the famous politicos. It is said that the Telangana Chief Minister KCR favoured his son and his close abide Venkaiah Naidu's son. These vehicles were bought to regulate the traffic swiftly and patrolling in the night. 

So, what do you think the Telangana government has to do now? Will this news bring another political tsunami? Will this rock the Telugu States again? 

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