Wednesday, June 10, 2015

News In Pictures: The Dying Art Of 'Rural Pottery' In India

The Dying Art Of Rural Pottery In India
By Likha Veer - Executive Editor, INNLIVE
There was a time when thousands of people in the small city of Jewar, Uttar Pradesh, depended on the art of pottery making to make a living. Each generation would pass on the baton to the next one and life was good. Everything has changed now and the age-old craft in this city is in its death throes. 

Among 150 families, only five remain engaged in their traditional profession. They have no choice but to seek alternative work. Raw materials are expensive and most consumers now prefer durable goods made of steel and aluminum at cheaper rates.

Abdullah, 18, scrapes out clay to shape into pots.
A man painstakingly uses his feet to mould clay.
Ramji Lal, 62, an expert potter, at work. 
Samiya, 8, poses in front of earthen pots. 
Munna Khan, 60, has been in the pottery industry for past four decades.
Adil is a student in Standard 3, but on Sundays he lends his family a hand in their business.
Pots are readied for firing in a kiln.
A traditional kiln.
Rajwati, 58, wife of Ramji Lal, embellishes the pots with attractive designs.

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