Monday, June 01, 2015

Focus: New Species Of 'Dracula Ants' Found In South India

‘Non destructive cannibalism’ is very common in most corporate so are Vampire ants or Dracula ants. But unfortunately, many may not know either about ‘non destructive cannibalism’ or about the vampire ants.   

The vampire ants, also described as Dracula ants are discovered recently in some parts of south India. They are called so only because of the terrifying behaviour that they exhibit. They, often the queen and workers bite holes in their own larvae and feed on the hemolymph (blood equivalent of insects).
However, they carefully ensure that they get enough meal and simultaneously the larvae are also not killed. The scientific investigation by entomologists has discovered that all larvae in the colony of vampire ants had clear scar marks proving that they were ‘vampired’ by the queen and workers in the colony.

In many corporate, the ‘vampire ants like bosses’ do engage in ‘non destructive cannibalism’ on their subordinates. They select very clam and quarrel free subordinates, collect their work and highlight to the top management as it to be theirs. However, the bosses will ensure that the image of such subordinates is protected in such as way that they perform well only when the bosses guide them regularly and monitor their work at every stage.  

Interestingly, these bosses are engaged in nothing but only ‘non destructive cannibalism’ on their subordinates. They survive only due to the performances of their subordinates. But they cunningly show the performances of the subordinates as theirs and also show to the world that without them such performance is not possible to the subordinates.

The unfortunate part is that the subordinate would remain as subordinate forever in such corporate, despite performing the best. They are smartly vampired by their bosses. Many subordinates may not even know that they are getting vampired by their bosses.  

In nature, vampire ants are rare and only recently they were discovered. But in corporate, vampire ants are relatively common. When something is very common and so rampant, discovering them becomes difficult and that is why the vampire ant behaviour or style is not known to the corporate.  

Every corporate leader must introspect whether they behave like vampire ants even inadvertently. Non destructive cannibalism, whether would cause destruction to the corporate is not the question, but it should not be entertained. For an ant colony, they resort to the above behaviour only when food is scarce. For corporate people, they are paid regularly to perform and hence should not engage in such leadership style.  

Unless the HR function learn about different bizarre behaviour of different animals and plants, the existence of people with such behaviour in corporate cannot be understood. To know about human behaviour in totality, the corporate and HR function must study biology than business management. 

Nature has created several species of flora and fauna with a purpose and meaning.  Whether the purpose is understood or not, the meaning must be understood only then right comparison and right understanding can be achieved from right reference.

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