Sunday, June 28, 2015

Haleem-E-Ishq - The New Hi Haleem With 'Mother's Touch'!

"Haleem-E-Ishq", The Lightest and the healthiest haleem of Hyderabad, presented with 'Mothers Love'. Guaranteed satisfaction or money back challenge. Sultans Biryani & Kebabs in Hyderabad, Sultan's Eat Street in Secunderabad, have introduced 'Haleem-E-Ishq' which promises to be lightest and the healthiest Haleem in the city.

 Basith, director, Sultans, says, “We don’t use unhealthy products and employ stressful methods. We use all the basic ingredients which a normal household has and serve haleem with rose petals.”

Ever Wondered, Why after a plate of that scrumptious Haleem, you feel uneasy, heavy and often nauseated. Don't you think the heavy, unhealthy and Oily ingredients going in the body are harmful? Then beware of Mad Rat Race of so called many haleem sellers, selling the unhealthy concoction with various tags of being "best seller", "original", "creator", "mentor", etc. 

Haleem has come a long way from just being a dish of party to being a dish of celebrations, Haleem today is the reason for celebration, the dish which has garnered all the attention towards the lazy nawabi town of Hyderabad, From G.I Status to Food Walkers Associations, From Celebrity Promises for a particular Haleem brand to haleem night outs, Hyderabad is witnessing a mad rush for the term "Haleem". 

But what the Real Haleem is all about, is it about the concoction, is it about the rich spices flown in from different countries ox about the so called experiences of Chefs. 

The Answers to all the above questions is Just One-A Single Plate of haleem at "Haleem E Ishq", yes preparing a scrumptious, tasty, authentic and yes Healthy Haleem is not at all Rocket Science!! Exclaims Basith, the director of Sultans and Creator of Haleem-E-Ishq concept in Hyderabad. 

Basith says "today the term haleem has been completely commercialised people have forget what's good and what's bad, all are just involve in the race to "taste and rate" the haleem of various joints spread across Hyderabad. He adds that being a hyderabadi, lam amused by the happenings involving the haleem all around, the people always felt heavy and usually have unpleasant experience after that One Plate of Haleem at various popular joints. The haleem which is laced with heavy unhealthy ingredients often makes people sick rather than healthy as claimed by many joints, terming the haleem, "Nutritious". 

Basith adds that at Haleem-E-Ishq-people tends to fall in love with the dish, the haleem at Haleem-E-Ishq is the lightest and the healthiest Haleem's in Hyderabad, he says that "we doesn't use all the unhealthy products and heavy stressful methods, its just as simple as preparing a stew, uses all the basic ingredients which a normal house hold has, with all the ingredients and "at-home" way preparation, we create the lightest, healthiest and the tastiest Haleem of Hyderabad.

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