Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Analysis: Will KCR Will Declare War On His 'Guru' Naidu?

By Newscop
Group Managing Editor
In politics, as in business, friends can also be rivals.This can be seen in the case of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and his Telangana counterpart K Chandrashekara Rao. TDP leaders always claim that Chandrababu is a 'guru' to KCR. 

But now it seems that the Shishya has dealt a major blow to his Guru. KCR and Chandrababu were once close friends enjoying a guru-shishya relationship. Although KCR is the Chief Minister of the newly formed state, the Andhra Pradesh CM is much senior when it comes to political career. 

As claimed by the TDP leaders, it was Chandrababu who gave KCR a break in politics until the latter floated TRS. KCR before floating TRS in 2001 served in the Babu's Cabinet for some time. Relationship between the two CMs has turned sour and most bitter in the recent times. 

Following Telangana TDP leader Revanth Reddy's cash for vote scandal, the fight between the two leaders has further intensified.

Now, the next question is how will the war between Chandrababu and KCR end? Political analysts feel that KCR has hurt the ego of Chandrababu by leaking his alleged conversation and Chandrababu, in turn, is trying to turn the entire episode into a national issue. 

Chandrababu didn't stop here. He sought Centre's intervention in asking the Governor to exercise his powers in the common capital of Hyderabad.

All eyes are on KCR's next move? Will he send notices to Chandrababu? Will he succumb to pressures? Now, with so much happening, there's wide speculation that KCR is having second thoughts on getting Chandrababu nailed. 

But KCR had reportedly told the Governor that they had evidence to show direct involvement of Chandrababu and the ACB will serve notices to him after gathering evidence. KCR is indebted to Chandrababu for his political career, the question is if he will take a soft stand on Chandrababu and repay him. It's payback time now!

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