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#BloggerDreamTeam Are #CWC Players Fashion Conscious

Lights, Camera, and it is a Six!! You see a guy running across the field – a perfect advertisement opportunity for a shampoo, a shoe company. He takes a full round arm action like a well-oiled machine,  throws a ball like a bullet aim for its target – opportunity for range of products from gear oil manufacturers to tonic drinks. 

Today every action of a cricketer on field is depicted as a style icon. What more is needed when there are multiple cameras capturing each and every action of players, live telecasting it to  millions of viewers across the world.

Cricket is no more only a religion [cricket has crossed status of sport way back in India – believe it was 1983] but has become a Fashion extravaganza. Cricket is style; a never ending Fad and cricketers are new style icons.

Gone are the days when players would wear plain white and striped cricketing uniform and step on the ground looking like pious "Gentlemen" stowing runs, hitting boundaries and taking wickets. Gone are the days when "Necessity was mother of technical invention". Today's era is all about “Demands” creating “supplies” where Fashion is not enticing cricketers as much cricketers are enticing fashion.

When we talk about cricketers being more Fashion conscious, we are not just talking cloths but also, hairstyle, Shoes, sunglasses, Cricket accessories, and even the “sun protection” mask that they apply has been metamorphosed from just being a "sporting need" to style statements. Besides, whatever they do, it gets not just the fans but the International Fashion circuit sit straight and take notice. Needless to say, Fans go gaga over their favorite stars and which gives them more opening than the batting line. And if that cricketer scores a boundary or hits a six, history is made right there on the cricket field.

Sporting a cool look not just sets you apart but sets up the ignited heart of all female fan followers including yours truly who fell “love at first site” over Rahul Dravid before seeing his match or counting the no of runs he scored or not scored. While, my friend took a deep sigh on Dhoni’s army cut hairstyle contrary to his lovely long hair.

On field the scope of Fashion is limited. The Jerseys are laden with advertiser’s logo. However, if you watch closely, the jerseys have been specially designed by the top designers and global clothing brands. Everybody vying for their favorite stars to sport their designs. When cricketers wear blue, India "bleeds Blue" all through Social Media and International forum including catching advertisers like Pepsi's fancies. While you cannot do much about design there, there is a lot of scope left in showcasing shades you use or the different hairstyles. And if you are some like Daniel Vittori, even the spectacle that you wear, becomes a fashion statement and you look like Greek God.

Jersey no 10, became such a huge hit cause it has Sachin's name on it. Some of recall Brendan McCullum and Mitchell Johnson when you say Tattoo. Would you recall Sunil Narine as much if it wasn't about the "Mohawk" he is sporting? As I am writing this, I am pretty much fascinated with Lasith Malinga’s hairstyle and planning to get myself one. Seriously it made a great discussion point around the world.

Crickter has to look good even when he is falling down chasing a wicket or hurling a catch. There are multiple cameras placed in cricket stadium to record a match from different angles for the Live telecast across billions of TV sets around the world. They are not just multiple cameras, they are also most sophisticated ones, ultra motion cameras, spidercams and more. After all this, if a cricketer gets fashion conscious, what is his fault? We all love good looking men.

Cricketers also work hard to keep themselves fit and toned for the game.  Now if you have worked so much on that body, it is imperative to show it too. These things makes match interesting and brings fans to stadium to watch their favorite cricketers play live. Otherwise, Sixers even the gully cricketers strike.

Over the year, as the country become more fashion conscious, Cricket apart from love for the game have spun newer trends and bowling its way into all together a different era- Style and Fashion. It is not fashion that is empowering cricketer but Vice Versa. After all, it was Kapil Dev who made "Palmolive da jawab nahi" a rage. It was his personality that launched millions of ships and set hearts on fire. Today, Virat Kohli do not need a branded shirt but the brand needs Kohli to endorse it. He recently launched his own fashion label. I call it fashion becoming Cricketer conscious.

Off late, cricketers have been publicized and are appearing on different platforms, garnering a larger fan base. In such scenario, it is but natural for them to be well groom. Given the kind of enormous fan following they have, cricketers naturally would want to step out looking their best. It is not just them but BCCI too and hence roped in luxury multibrand store The Collective to provide True Religion Jeans to Players.

In nutshell, being Fashion conscious also means being image conscious. With TV repeat technology, you get to see your suave players multiple times. Cricketers are becoming Fashion sensitive and it is a good change especially for the female followers who love sports stars more than movie stars. Cricketers are the most sought after youth icons of India and if they look good, it is a cherry on cake.

Nowadays, many cricket player interest to play the most popular and famous game of Cricket. The cricket is the most interesting game in the world, so all people highly focus on Cricket. In cricket many tournaments are conducted by ICC, where the cricket world cup is an important one. 

In the past century, fashion has evolved tremendously—from corsets to crop tops, and coat tails to tshirts. With hundreds of fashion brands vying for attention, people across the world have become more trendy and fashionable. 

Not surprisingly, two of the most glamourous fields in the world- fashion and sports- have collided and sports persons have turned into fashion icons. This global trend began with football player David Beckham early in the 21st century.

Just like fashion, cricket has evolved as well since the 1800s, and from being role models, cricketers have become style icons as well. Unfortunately, this seems to have come at a cost. The cost of True Style.

The Cricket World cup is one of the international championship of ODI (One Day International) cricket. This event is mainly organized by the ICC whereas this will governing the body along with the many rounds like preliminary qualifications this used to lead up the team into the final tournament. 

The tournament is most viewed because it contains many sporting events and so consider it as the flagship events by the ICC. The World cup is first organized in city of England on June 1975, where the ODI match has been played in the four years. However, Womens Cricket World Cup also held for two years, this held on 1912. 

Moreover, many triangular tournament like Test matches also being played in between England, Australia and South Africa, where this world cup shown great achievement during time of tournament onwards. The cricket world cup was hosted by different countries under then  rotation system along with the ICC members.

Now in time of cricket world cup, almost all players highly conscious towards the fashion. In the past few years, none of the players are concentrating to the fashion, even they never try to wear the comfy clothing like dress and caps, but now all players used to wear only the comfort dress this make the player to feel comfort while playing. In years ago the tournament cricket was mainly labelled as famous and gentleman’s game where it is right because in the World Cup, time glamour we are on the opposite poles. 

But, over the past time, now playing technique and their trends keeps changing. Moreover, now cricket not only the gentleman’s game also it become most stylish as well as glamorous one. However, with the help of style, trends, many players changing their mindset during play. So all the players start engaging during the field activities, this will offer many monetary benefits like singing a song for the TV commercials, ambassadors and many more. So, cricket game and the players are getting more stylish and trendy.

Moreover, from the flaunting flat, the players are changing their hair styles as cool. Nowadays fashion has evolved more bounds and leaps in cricket. In past cricket world cup, almost all players never care about the external appearance, but now every player carries their  personal assistant for grooming with them forever. 

Moreover, owing to exposure of world cup in world wide through social media and TV, the player become higher and more fashion conscious . Also, in order to stay fit as well as healthy, the players always knock the main doors for the team selections. As a result, more cricketers mainly focus on the diet, this will leads to hit the famous gym in order to get the good physique. 

The World cup player concentrates on both six packs and eight parks in time of training. Most of the men thinking that the facial hairs bring too much harder to handle. So some cricketers going to an extent in order to make the perfect styles out, this will make the day to happy. With the emergence of TV and social media, there is growth on selfie where the cricketers are crazy to take the selfie this become the fashion conscious for players.

Your personal style is a means of expression of your personality and is an all-encompassing concept, going beyond what you wear. Style reflects in your clothing and hair, the way you speak to someone, hold your fork, or write a letter. This traditional sense of true style was something the gentlemanly cricket players of the previous century possessed and practised. You couldn’t be dressed to the Ts and use abusive language like a drunken slob at the local pub.

For instance, the dignified Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi was known as much for his quiet charm as for his understated luxe clothing. The dashing Imran Khan made women swoon with his smart shirts and suits, thick wavy hair and his elegant conversation.

Cricket players have also sought different means to express their individuality and personality. With his carefully groomed side burns à la Elvis Presley, India’s “Brylcreem boy” Farokh Engineer was a vivacious, talkative man and continues to be one. While Sir Viv Richards with his swagger, doffed cap and murderous smile, epitomized Caribbean cool much before a certain Gayle.

Days of cricket present: Cricket and fashion in the 21st century
Some of the younger Indian and international cricketers are eager to try new trends or even forge their own trend. So Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh carry off grungy jeans with elan, while Kevin Pietersen’s super confidence puts him equally at ease in a printed tee and chinos, as well as in a tailored suit. His versatile style is the envy of a lot of young men.

Off duty, most cricketers like to play safe with their fashion and opt for well-known international fashion brands (a number of them often go shopping on their overseas tours). Of course, there is more focus on personal grooming, along with hot trends, high street and premium fashion. 

Famous cricketers have been spotted in brands like Ed Hardy (Harbhajan Singh), French Connection (Shikhar Dhawan), Lacoste (Michael Clarke) and H&M (Virat Kohli). At formal events several cricketers sport designer suits from luxury brands.

Current off-duty styles
Off the field, the gentlemen (and fashion icons) of today’s cricketing world have opted for a range of looks and styles, such as:
  • Classic- Neutrals like white and black with straight cut jeans (favoured by Kumar Sangakkara, Alastair Cooke)
  • Kumar Sangakkara
  • Grungy – Distressed jeans, acid washed denim, printed graphic tees (loved by Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, AB de Villiers)
  • Sporty- Polo shirts with badges, casual shirts with chinos and jeans (such as Brendon McCullum, Graeme Smith)
  • Graeme Smith polo tee
  • Versatile- Wear a range of looks (like Kevin Pietersen, Brett Lee)
  • Kevin Pietersen
The current crop of cricketers also set out to express their individuality on the field as well. Despite being in uniform, their distinctive features stand out:
  • Tattoos: Brendon McCullum, Kevin Pietersen, Dale Steyn
  • Brendon-McCullum
  • Hair: Lasith Malinga’s coloured locks, Brett Lee’s spikes, MS Dhoni’s ever-changing hair styles
  • Lasith Malinga hair
  • Sunglasses: Chris Gayle, Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj Singh
  • Chris Gayle
  • Facial hair: Shikhar Dhawan’s curled moustache and stubble, Mitchell Johnson’s handlebar moustache, Ravindra Jadeja’s royalty-inspired moustache.
In the first decade of this century, the idea of style has given way to “fashion statements”, and thus style has become equated only with what you wear. Men and women have become clones when it comes to sartorial choices (solid or graphic tees, skinny jeans, chinos and sneakers). These off-the-field “uniforms” may make you feel part of the peer group, but they don’t express your personality or style.

This limited definition of style has unfortunately percolated to current cricket players as well. While some of them may make a strong fashion statement, their unique style is lacking and invisible. Let me explain: I have never met Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, nor do I recall watching or reading any interview with that legendary cricketer. Yet, one look at his off-duty picture and I am convinced that if I were to meet him, he would be a true gentleman- courteous, respectful, benevolent and, of course, charming. That is the magnetic power of True Style.

True, we shouldn’t judge a wearer by his or her clothes, but what about style as a holistic concept? Somewhere in the past few decades, individual, meaningful True Style has almost disappeared.

Yep, cricket players these days are smart, suave and well-groomed. Some of them endorse fashion brands, appear on fashion magazine covers and sell beauty products, while others are trying their hand at fashion themselves (Virat Kohli’s fashion line WROGN and Zaheer Khan for Sher Singh).

With the overwhelming number of clothing and accessory options for cricket players today, the bright young lot these days is more fashion-conscious than ever. Despite this, the timeless appeal of the erstwhile cricket players is universal, eternal and magical. 

Young people across the world may want to copy the current players’ clothes, but how many can truly emulate the charm of Pataudi, the playfulness of King Viv, or the elegance of Imran Khan?

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