Tuesday, December 23, 2014

'Silly Reasons' For Getting Divorce From Life Partner

According to an old saying, matches of couple are made in heaven. Marriage is a ritual through which two people are bonded together. There comes a time when everyone has to go through a bumpy road during their marriage. This is the time they are required to hold on to each other. On the other hand, some couples file divorce for the silliest reasons. Today, we bring you some of the stupid excuses for divorce.

A sheikh from Saudi Arabia was divorced by his wife as after two weeks of wedding, she found out that he was already married to 12 women. 

However, this is not the reason for her anger but being unlucky number 13 was.

After 10 years of marriage, a man felt duped when he came to know that his wife had lied to him about her age. When they both married, the woman told she was 24-year-old while actually she was 30. The husband felt dumped and filed a divorce and was also granted one.

A woman demanded divorce from her husband because she could not bear having lunch with her mother-in-law. According to the woman, her mother-in-law's taunts during the meal had ruined her marriage and she wanted a divorce because of it.

A woman divorced her husband because he decided to promote Beijing Olympics in 2008. Despite the warning of the wife, he sold his apartment, made a six man team and purchased a van for promotion. Thereafter, the woman filed the divorce case.

A woman from Germany divorced her husband because he was always cleaning the house. He was always clearing up things around and rearranging furniture, but the woman could not bear it anymore when he broke a wall of the house and rebuild it because it got dirty.

After 30 years of marriage, a husband tried to have one look at the face of his wife who kept herself veiled at all times. As the 50-year-old woman was sleeping, her husband tried to sneak a look due to curiosity. After the incident, the woman insisted for divorce.

After 50 years of marriage, a woman from Romania filed a divorce case because her husband was spending all the pension money on feeding the stray Dogs. According to her, the man has been feeding up to 20 stray dogs three times a day and there was no money left for themselves.

A woman from China filed a case against her husband after their pet parrot started repeating phrases 'divorce,' 'i love you,' and 'be patient.' The woman had just returned home after a month and suspected something fishy. She took the parrot to court for testifying, but it was not accepted by the court.

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