Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Fathers' Day: Daddy's Day Out Or Does Mommy Win?

By Aeman Nishat / Hyderabad

Whether it is an IPL match or gully cricket; a dream job or friend’s love failure; birthdays or ‘just like that’ treats; Valentine’s Day, Smile Day or Friendship Day – this generation has every reason for a celebration. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day too fall in the same vein for these youngsters – a reason to celebrate and show their parents how much they love them. But it seems mothers are celebrated more than fathers.
Employees and managers of gift shops across Hyderabad say while they see a lot of youngsters buying everything they get their hands on for their mommies, very few people, if ever, ask for Father’s Day gifts. In fact, several stores like Archies say that though they are fully stocked up, they are not expecting a big crowd. Some of them aren’t even aware of the Father’s Day concept.

“We give each mother a chocolate while they enter with a kid and we arrange the product based on the theme. But we haven’t thought about Father’s Day as we ourselves are unaware of it. So it will be just another day,” says Mehreen Samia, regional manager of Landmark bookstores.

The father, in most people’s lives, is a strict disciplinarian – one who is always there for us in our times of need. And for most women, the very first man they love.  So do we need a separate day to celebrate him? Some people say no.

“I don’t believe in celebrating Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. They are always special. Also, this practice is not indigenous. As such, it is not necessary to follow everything that other countries do,” said Swati Reddy, a design student.

But there are others who do want to celebrate the day in a grand fashion and show their dads how much they mean to them – either with a fancy dinner or a small heartfelt gift.

Then there are those fathers who take the initiative in their hands and make the most of the day with their young ones. “I have promised to cook for my family this weekend. It is going to be a special day for me,” says Muqtader Khan, a happy father who lives with his family in the US and is in Hyderabad for a vacation.

Well, celebrating the father everyday would be an ideal gift; it doesn’t require a special day unless we realise their worth.

Ultimately, it is not about celebration, it is about immense love and every father would still remain the super-hero and the role model for every kid. 

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