Wednesday, June 17, 2015


By Aeman Nishat in Hyderabad
We all are already aware of the fact that in all of our religions fasting has been an integral part. Why is it that one month fast of Ramadan, fasts on Agiyaras, Janmashtami, Shivratri, Navaratri, Jain fastings, etc., all are included as an important ritual to follow? Why has all religions given fasting so much importance? Donate Zakat Here

Well, the answer is interesting and here it goes. Fasting of all kinds always rejuvenates the healing abilities of body. Fasting enables the body to work on other healing procedures rather than just digestion of food. Donate Zakat Here

It is a simple principle and fact worth understanding. A person cannot do two things simultaneously. A person who is cooking cannot do cleaning of house along with cooking. Either the person can clean the house or cook the food. 

If we prioritize the two functions of cooking the food and cleaning the house, cooking remains the priority job while cleaning the house is always secondary because cooking food to eat is more important than cleaning the house. I am sure you all will agree on this. Donate Zakat Here

In the same way, our body also performs two major functions, one is digestion of food that we eat and second is the internal healing, cleaning and repairing of the body cells or parts or organs of our body. In the case also digestion of the food in the body remains the prime function for the body and the internal healing, cleaning and repairing becomes a secondary function to be performed by the body. 

Hence, after the body has done the primary function, only then it will perform the secondary function. As far as the function of digestion of food within the body continues, the body will not be able to do anything on internal healing or cleaning or repairing of the body.

Once any cooked food is eaten, the normal time to digest this food would take about 3-4 hours. The body would be busy in digesting the food till about 4 hours and again after about 4 hours if a person eats again, the body is back to digestion without enough time to work on its secondary function. Donate Zakat Here

Whenever anything is eaten the body is forced to address digestion, which is the first function but when we fast, the body gets time to work on the internal needs of healing, cleaning and repairing. It takes care of boosting our immunity, healing the organs, cleansing the deposits and repairing the parts wherever it finds the need to do so along with working on the vital energy requirements of the body.

It is amazing to know that if the fasts are done properly with only alkaline foods, raw (fruits and vegetables), they work wonders on healing. Preferably in fasts if only raw and uncooked foods are consumed, the body takes least time to digest that food and utilizes rest of the time in secondary function, which is healing, cleaning and repairing. Body can be engrossed in healing processes only when its free from digestion function. Donate Zakat Here

This can be tested on healing of bones very effectively. As we all know any kind of fractures are healed by the body internally and no medicine is used for fractures. Normally fractures take about 30-45 days minimum to heal but if fasting is done, the healing becomes much faster and there are results of even healing within 7 days. Bones are the hardest part of the body and doctors say that it heals on its own, which is why if a person who has a fracture, if can fast and he will be able to see healing results faster.

Juice fasting is a fabulous way to quench the thirst of the body and it gives miraculous results in summer to remain healthy. Honey lemon water fasting is another way to ignite the healing energies within the body. Those who are taking antibiotics for anything can substitute their one diet of lunch with salads and a fruit to reduce and neutralize the dryness which the body confronts while antibiotics are taken. Donate Zakat Here

Fasting as narrated by our religions is actually meant to be done on raw and uncooked foods for best results. Fasting for once a month for 2-3 days is the best routine for a healthy living. Fasting should be seen as an opportunity to give our body time for Internal Healing, Cleaning and Repairing needs. Like we clean our house once in a year these intermittent fasting satisfies our cleaning and healing needs to keep us perfect health.

Come lets enjoy our fasts as a gratitude to our body for its wonderful work within and wish ourselves all the health and vitality through god sent plans- Our fasts!   Donate Zakat Here

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