Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Automotive Brilliant 'Luxury Lifestyle' Makes Great Sense

Here’s a scenario – Imagine you’re out furniture shopping on a Sunday afternoon. You want to buy a chair and shortlist two similar looking chairs. Both are beautiful, shiny mahogany wood. The first one costs half the price of the second. But the second one comes with 2 year manufacturer warranty, free replacement in case of any damage and an assurance of higher resale.Which would you take home?

If our guess is right, like most modern Indian consumers, you will prefer the second chair that offers additional benefits.
Your simple argument would be that the additional benefits offered highlight the quality of the product. India’s auto industry is going through a similar phase.

With a lot of car makers looking to woo you, it can be difficult to make the right decision. You probably research, compare cars, take various test drives, check forums online, research a bit more and of course, ask every single friend for his/her opinion. Eventually, after two more rounds of that, you commit to a choice. Clearly, you make well researched and informed decisions. Also, you’re smarter with your money. 

You don’t have to be told that purchasing a car is only the first step to owning it; what follows is expenditure towards maintenance, repairs, fuel, insurance and much more. In a nutshell, even though buying a car continues to be an emotional and aspirational decision, the financial aspect is more important than ever.

Car manufacturers have realized this trend in the Indian market and are coming up with innovative solutions to facilitate the buyer’s decision. These include financial schemes, warranty and service initiatives, and even upgrade options when you’re looking to purchase another vehicle of the same brand.

While all car manufacturers are providing these services, a few have managed to take it a notch higher by introducing a range of initiatives tailor-made for Indian automobile lovers. What most people may not know is that ‘advance EMI schemes’ actually make up for increased ex-showroom prices that already include dealer margins, excise costs, transportation expenses and state taxes. This is not the case when you choose a new generation car like the A-Class, B-Class, CLA or GLA from the stable of Mercedes-Benz – where EMIs are much easier to pay off.

Also, when it comes to their Star Care program, they give an additional year over and above the standard warranty of two years. They take such immense pride in their car manufacturing that they are willing to even extend the warranty for a fourth year, at a very nominal cost. Affordable ownership options are a theme with Mercedes’ initiatives, with their exclusive service packages starting at an impressive Rs. 1.99/km. This lowers the total cost of ownership with absolutely no compromise on luxury.

‘The Best or Nothing’ philosophy also takes into account unpredictable emergencies. For three years of initial ownership, the Mercedes-Benz on-road assistance program provides for hotel accommodations and flight tickets during vehicle immobilization and gives medical aid to Star owners in case of accidents. 

The feature can be extended for the fourth and fifth year at a very nominal Rs. 3,999 per year. For those who prefer leasing the car for tax purposes and otherwise, the Star Lease option ensures that you will experience the pleasure of driving ‘the best’ always. Enjoy the luxury and take pleasure in the experience that is driving a Mercedes, at a nominal initial deposit and affordable payments.

Mercedes believes that once you’ve experienced the Star, you’ll never switch. Hence, for existing owners who are aspiring for an upgrade, the Mercedes Star Agility solution helps them trade their existing car with another one from the family, every two to four years. Both prospective owners of pre-owned cars and existing Mercedes-Benz owners get the best trade-in value.

So, this Sunday, before you sign the deal on a car, remind yourself of Mercedes-Benz’s philosophy: The best or nothing.

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