Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Do You Wish To Contribute – Is There Something You Wish To Publish?

Do You Wish To Contribute – Is There Something You Wish To Publish?
Want to raise your voice? 

Interested to express something, even a 'tip' will do for us, you can email us.

Please email

We will publish on our website / news blogs / social media platforms / print and electronic publications.

If you wish, you can now self-publish your opinions or links to your blog posts directly –  email us – we immediately publish!

Do you have an interesting article, a Youtube video (or images, etc) that you wish to publish using our site or social platforms – Please do let us know !

All About Freedom Of Speech & Expression

We would like to categorize submissions to #KhabarLive.

An Introduction
The title of this platform consists of two very weighted words: ‘Khabar+Live’ and we must all strive to uphold that. However, an opinion can never be diplomatic; the word in itself means your personal version of your viewpoint of the event at hand – its your personal bias. It’s not a narration of events or news reporting and thus leaves no space for detailing out what the pros and cons are.
We aim to publish your opinions without any personal bias or views, as you send them to us; only editing what is required from an editorial team. #KhabarLive in not pro-left, pro-right, pro-any religion, pro-any caste or pro-any other division of society you can come up with.

There will be occasions where you, as a reader, will come across posts that go against everything you hold dear in context to the subject matter of the post. You can always put together another piece on why you feel what you feel and we’ll publish it! Not only will you get your point across, you will be able to convey it to a larger audience- everyone who accesses the site. That’s the beauty of #KhabarLive - we don’t mind publishing conflicting, strong-worded articles up; in fact, it simply makes our day.

Do send in all your submissions at with the subject being ‘Article Submission’. You can attach the document containing the text (including the image/video attributions) and the images and sent it to us via email – makes it easier for us.

As you can see from the examples above, these are meant to be witty, intelligent, though-provoking, Rofling and most importantly out-side the box / something different than what is reported in traditional media. They are NOT meant to be verbose, but are meant to convey a story using Videos, Pictures (both moving and still) and other visuals for a strong effect.

Please do include the sources when you submit such a post so that we can acknowledge them – and please do spend some time in creating/assembling the right set of visuals – which is extremely important  ! Remember – think outside the box and be creative.

Just because we’ve harped on and on about how it’s great to have an opinion, there is a very, very bold and obvious line to it; a line which you may fail to see because of your opinion. No discriminatory or derogatory comment will be allowed on any caste, creed, religion, sex or any other community bound by common beliefs. All adult content, abusive languages, ‘french’ words and unwarranted adult references will be censored.

Lastly and we would write this in capital letters  – do not plagiarize. We look for unpublished, original work not taken from any source. It goes without saying that using open sources of information such as Google News, Wikipedia and the like is fine as long as it aids your research – You must give references to such works in your article and give credit for the images or the videos you have used.

  • It should be 100% original and not be taken from any source or work published before.
  • Once published at #KhabarLive – they cannot be published elsewhere – that would be deemed a Copyright violation
  • Contributors are fully responsible for the content of their posts, granting #KhabarLive the license to use them in perpetuity.
  • In adding the articles to the web-site we reserve the right to make edits.
  • The decision to accept any post resides with the administrators of the site.
  • The terms can be changed at any time and all terms are the discretion of the administrators of the site.

Miscellaneous Thoughts
In short, it’s really not that complicated. Have an opinion? Write it down and send it to us. Keep it original, simple, thorough and most importantly, legal.

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