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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Doctors find 150 PINS lodged in Indian man's body, including his artery and wind pipe - but the man says he has no idea how they got there!

Badrilal Meena has so far had 91 pins removed from his body by doctors in India - including from his wind pipe and esophagus (pictured). He's had to undergo three different surgeries.

A man has baffled doctors after being found with dozens of pins lodged throughout his body - and no idea how they got there.

Badrilal Meena has had to visit six hospitals and undergone three surgeries to extract the shards which had become lodged in his arms, feet and neck.

So far, 91 pins have been removed - and some of them were so rusty they must have been there for more than six months, according to doctors.

But Mr Meena, 56, from Kota in Northern India, insists he did not insert them himself and claims he has no idea how they got into his body.

Dr Lalit Mohan Parashar, who operated on him, said it is miraculous that the patient has not suffered any long-term damage.

He said: 'It was quite a challenge to extract them safely, as some of the pins were lodged in his wind pipe, esophagus and even carotid artery that carries oxygen to the brain.'

Mr Meena first went to a private hospital complaining of foot ache and diabetes - but doctors found 75 pins lodged in various parts of his body.

He has lost over 30kg while trying to find a surgeon willing to take on the risk procedure of removing them.

His case was finally taken on by the Asian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) in Faridabad - which was baffled to find a further 75 pins.

And over three different surgeries, they have so far managed to extract a total of 91 pins from his body - and doctors say he is recovering well from the complex surgery.

Dr Parashar, Director at AIMS, said: 'When Badrilal came to use, he was in a very serious condition.

'Fragile, unable to talk or eat, the chances of his survival were bleak - but we decided to go ahead and accept this unique, challenging case.

'The most challenging task was to remove those pins which were pierced in the vital nerves, arteries and organs, like the esophagus and the carotid artery which supplies blood to the brain.'

Despite claims that Mr Meena suffers from mental health problems, he and his family insist he had not been piercing himself.

'For the past four months, we have been running from one hospital to another, hoping that my father will be cured of the bizarre condition.
'The latest revelation that the number of pins in his body has increased is really scary.'

Hospital authorities have recommended psychiatric evaluation after recovery.
'People resort to hurting themselves when in depression or mentally unstable,' said Dr Meenakshi Manchanda. 'What is worse is that they don't remember it themselves,'

Mr Meena's family have praised doctors for their efforts and say they are relieved that he is recovering well.

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