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Friday, June 09, 2017

Write And Share Stories On Things That Matter

INNLIVE  is your platform! Powered by an ever expanding community of contributors, INNLIVE is open to anyone who wishes to publish their stories to drive impact. Writers, students, filmmakers, and photographers among many others, all find their own unique space on this platform.

On our part, with over 4 million readers and the best tools of crowdsourcing available, we try and smash that top-down hierarchy of what qualifies as ‘news’ and get stories directly from you.

How it works

Post your story on INNLIVE
Do you feel strongly about an issue that the media isn’t covering enough? This is your space to publish it and make it reach thousands.

Be seen by 4 million+ readers
The best stories will be featured on our homepage and shared on our social media with a reach of 20 million+ a month.

Become a national sensation
INNLIVE is watched by top publishers, so you’ll instantly get attention on social media and might even get featured in the biggest newspapers and magazines.

Join an exciting network of changemakers
Check out Cake, Campus Watch and Converge – exclusive INNLIVE properties that young people are joining to break societal norms and speak up on issues that matter.

Email your post or writeup to

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