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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Is Mid-term poll likely in Telangana?

Will Telangana face mid-term polls next year? 

This is the question which is making rounds in the ruling TRS circles. Sources close to CM did not rule out the possibility of midterm polls in 2018. They are avoiding saying anything openly. Sources indicated that KCR has made up his mind to go for Assembly polls without waiting for the general elections of 2019.Those who are close to CM have hinted that Mr. KCR is in favour of midterm polls presenting his son, Mr. KTR as the next CM. KCR wants to grab power before BJP and other opposition parties get stabilized in the State.
Although, CM has not given any indication of mid-term polls but the way he has issued instructions to his ministers and TRS MLAs to be among the people gives a hint that before the end of this month, Mr. KCR might take a decision gauging the pulse of the people. He has advised his son, KTR to address party and public meetings in every district highlighting developmental programs and schemes. In this manner, KTR would emerge as the candidate for the post of CM. KTR has been given special powers to take decisions on public representations so that by making various announcements in public meetings support could be mustered for TRS. MLAs have been instructed to be active in their Assembly constituencies and to activate party cadre at village level so that the other parties should not get any chance of making propaganda against the Govt.
It is planned that KTR would address public meetings in districts in which participation of thousands of persons would be ensured. TRS ministers would accept the responsibility of organizing public meetings in districts so that KTR could be introduced as the successor of KCR.
Many TRS leaders admitted that midterm polls are certain in Telangana. Mr. KCR would involve himself in national politics so that effective representation could be made to the Central Govt. for the fulfillment of State interests. It is indicated that KCR would become active in New Delhi as national president of TRS. He also intends to forge an alliance of likeminded opposition parties.
It is expected that by the end of this month, there will be a major reshuffle in the State cabinet. KTR team would be presented before the public to face next elections. Many ministers would be dropped from the cabinet and they would be given the responsibility of strengthening the party. It is reported that under the stewardship of Mr. KTR, a team of young and competent ministers would face the next elections. Party leaders are seen engaged in membership campaigns these days. The way in which the activities of Ministers and TRS leaders have increased confirms the possibility of holding mid-team polls.
Sources close to CM indicated that the local party which is the political ally of TRS has also been informed about the future plans, after which the local party started various programs and padyatras in the old city. It is said that KTR would visit the old city very soon and inaugurate various projects.
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