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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Wanted: Your Crime Story With A Reward Of $1000!

INNLIVE Contest Wanted: Your crime story with a Reward of $1,000 in cash!

“Crime fiction deals with the mysteries we all face: 
  • What’s going to happen? How will it end? 
  • Will good triumph over evil? Can we find order in the chaos? 
  • It does not limit a good writer but makes every aspect of the human experience available to the writer and to the reader.” 
Explore the human experience through a criminal action and a strong central character by crafting an original short story between 1,000 and 2,000 words. 

To spin your saga, consider these questions:
  • What is the central crime? Is it a crime of passion? Of revenge?
  • Who commits it? A damaged child? A spurned lover? A resentful sibling?
  • Why does he or she commit the crime? And how?
  • Who is affected by the pernicious act?
  • And of course: Then what happens?
  • Do you want the crime to be in the opening scene, or if you want it to happen “offstage”?
  • Is your main character the criminal or the wronged party? Is your story humorous or scandalous?
  • What concrete details can you provide to create a believable setting and theme?
The reward
INNLIVE crime desk will choose the winning entry and comment on its effectiveness as crime fiction. That means your story will be read by an experts in the field!

1st place: $1,000 and publication on the INNLIVE website
2nd place: $500 and publication on the INNLIVE website
3rd place: $250 and publication on The INNLIVE website
Last date for submission: 31-07-2015
What are you waiting for? Think criminally - and get writing!

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