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Monday, May 25, 2015

Special Report: Brain Behind Modi's 'Chai Pe Charcha', Coins 'Nashte Pe Charcha' For His Rivals

On April 8, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was busy launching Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana in New Delhi, a few kilometres away his chief strategist and blue-eyed boy Prashant Kishor was busy in a presentation. 

The power-point presentation 'Citizen's Alliance' was for Modi's key opponent Nitish Kumar's election campaign for the upcoming Bihar assembly elections. The state is slated to go for polls in September-October this year.

Contrary to the media reports that Kishor is still in talks with Nitish and JD(U), sources in the party have confirmed that he has already chalked out a strategy for Nitish and is working on it. His April presentation was a road map of JD(U) and Nitish's election campaign and was attended by various party leaders including parliamentarian Pavan Varma. Kishor was the brain behind Modi's famous 3-d holograms at public rallies and 'chai pe charcha'.

A copy of the Kishor's presentation accessed by INNLIVE reveals that the campaign – 'Bihar 2025' – would be a comprehensive collaborative effort by the state and its citizens to jointly set an "agenda" for the future together. Under it, 39,076 events would be held in 150 days to reach a population of four crore during the Bihar poll. Besides, on the footsteps of Modi's Chai pe Charcha, for Nitish Kumar, Kishor plans to have 'Breakfast with CM'.

According to Kishor's strategy as illustrated in his power-point presentation, Nitish's and JD(U)'s event timeline is divided into five different categories. For international audience, it would be 'Samvad' and 'Quest', while for national it would be 'Bihar Development Dialogues' and 'Leader's Memoirs'. At the state-level, Nitish would be engaged through 'Udhghosh' and 'Bihar Lecture Series'. To woo the voters at district level, concept of 'Photo with CM' and 'Gaurav Goshti' will be held while for villages 'Jan Bhaagidari' would be launched.

He aims to project Bihar's success stories like Special Auxillary Police (SAP) to address shortage in police manpower where 5,000 ex-army men were recruited and Rs 2,000 for school girls to buy bicycle after they pass their class VIII exams.

The success stories would be projected as 'Bihar Models' which have been replicated by other states. For example, as they are replicated, both the Bihar models were replicated by different states like SAP was adopted in Odisha, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand, while Mukhyamantri Balika Cycle Yojana were adopted by Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. He plans to work on the slogan 'Badhte Bihar ke 10 Baras' (Ten years of developing Bihar).

When JD(U) parliamentarian Pavan Varma was asked about the Kishor's presentation he expressed surprise and asked this correspondent "How did you know about it?" He further said, "Kishor had expressed a desire to work with Nitish Kumar because he sees a future leader in him. Kishor has already said it on record that he wants to work for Nitish Kumar."

On the question of how long Kishor has been in talks with JD(U) for their poll management and the presentation in April, Varma said, "It's an ongoing process" and refused to comment further.

When Kishor was asked about the meeting and his presentation, he said, "I have nothing to say". However, Kishor has earlier told media that he is in talks with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Thirty-seven-year-old Prashant Kishor, along with his team of Citizens for 
Accountable Governance (CAG), a not-for-profit company comprising of IIT and IIM graduates were the management moguls for Modi brand during Gujarat 2013 poll and 2014 general elections. Before joining Modi in 2011, Kishor was working as UN health official. It was Kishor and his team who who played a decisive role in leveraging social media in Modi's favour.


1. Manthan Team CA Flagship - 5 months - Rs 3 crore
2. Statue of Unity Movement Sardar Vallabhbhai - 8 months - Rs 6 crore
3. 3D Rally and Bharat Vijay BJP - 8 months - Rs 6 crore
4. Chai Pe Charcha BJP - 6 months - Rs 4 crore
5. Modi Aane Waala Hai BJP - 5 months - Rs 1.5 crore
6. Volunteer Management and Digital Campaign Team CA Flagship - 12 months - NA
7. Vijay Sankalp Diwas BJP - 2 months - Rs 1 crore
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