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Monday, December 30, 2013

Did Arvind Kejriwal Met Congress Mediator In Delhi Hotel?

By Suhasi Sikand | Delhi

The Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) leader, Nitin Gadkari, alleged that an industrialist had brokered a deal between the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the Congress in a post hotel in Delhi to cease chances of BJP coming to power in Delhi.

The Chief Minister of Delhi and AAP leader, Arvind Kejriwal, refused these allegations and asked him to provide evidence.

In a press conference, Kejriwal said, ‘‘This is all rubbish. It is sad to note that a senior leader like Gadkari is talking nonsense. If he is making claims, then he should also give evidence.’’

Gadkari had made these allegations in at the Abhinandan Samaroh in the Talkatora Stadium adding that the government in Delhi is not of the AAP but it belongs to the Congress.

Gadkari’s made his statements hours after Kejriwal was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Delhi at the historic Ramlila Maidan on December 28.
Emphasizing that there is no deal between his party and the Congress or BJP, Kejriwal said, ‘‘There is no deal with Congress or BJP. We are here to work for the people. If we pass the floor test in Delhi assembly, we will run the government otherwise we will once again go to people.’’

Though Kejriwal vehemently denied all allegations of any deal being brokered in a hotel in Delhi or of meeting any industrialist for the same, sources close to INN Live reveal that Kejriwal had indeed met three popular persons of the business world at Hotel Aman in Lodhi Road.

Among the industrialists whom Kejriwal met, one owns a fancy retail chain in Khan Market while the other owns a company that manufactures two wheelers. The third is a frequent in the Delhi corporate lobby and party circuit.

The AAP supporters have claimed allegations made by Gadkari as mere political rhetoric as a part of the BJP’s propaganda against their party. They added that every political party requires funding to complete its tasks and Kejriwal’s meeting with businessmen for funding the political party should not be used to harness feelings against the party.

Kejriwal, initially, had completely denied all allegations made by Gadkari. Replying to the allegations made by the BJP leader, Kejriwal retorted, ‘‘The BJP is afraid of us, that is why it is stating rubbish like this and accusing us with baseless allegations.’’

Former President of BJP and former in-charge of Delhi assembly elections, Nitin Gadkari, on Saturday said that he was informed by a reputed industrialist about the deal arranged between the two parties, AAP and Congress, in Delhi. Gadkari added, ‘‘One of the big industrialists of our country helped make a deal between Arvind Kejriwal and some senior Congress leaders at a big hotel in Delhi. 

I was personally told about what talks had transpired in that hotel and what all was eaten by the same person. The person who was working as the mediator told me that the policy being made is that BJP has to be stopped at any cost.’’
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