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Sunday, May 26, 2013


By Niloufer Khan / Mumbai

After getting too hot on small screen actor Ram Kapoor is all set to kick his another untitled multi-starer film with his Y Films - YRF youth wing banner. INN got candid with Ram Kapoor who bared it all. Excerpts of the interview:

How true is the news of you suggesting the title for this film?
Yes I suggested. When there is so much influence of Maruti in the film then why not. I am very Punjabi and my accent is very Punjabi.

Your hit film with Y-films 'Mere Dad Ki Maruti' what it is all about?
It's a family entertainer. My Maruti gets stolen by my son and later someone else stoles it from my son. Its all the way fun.

Why only Maruti?
My character is very much attached to the country, country soil and desi stuff. He is a nostalgic kind of man. When he got married he got a Maruti 800. It's a long lasting tradition in the family and he continues the tradition by gifting a brand new Maruti to his daughter who is getting married.

Your first car?
Its interestingly funny.. my first car was Maruti 800 around 25 years ago. And before that I used to steal my dad's car. These cars I stole and then crushed as well. And next day I said sorry to my dad so this film is relatable to me and I am sure it will relate to the audience as well.

Yo Yo Honey Singh song in the movie is topping charts. How difficult it was for you to do?
No difficulty at all. It was Interesting and challenging definitely. I don't know what I did in the song but I had blast during the shooting.

Did your top position in small screen helped you bag this project?
It is a difficult question. Many people say if someone is established in TV he/she doesn't get films. Too an extent it is true also and there are some people who are getting lot of work in movies also. Even I am quite confused. According to my philosophy whatever good work I will get I will do it irrespective of the medium either it's TV or Movie or theatre. And if you do good work you will be noticed and your good time will come.

People say you have a sex appeal, How do you react to it?
I don't understand what is sex appeal? How can a fat guy like me have sex appeal? It's very amazing when girls say so. But I go blank when they say he is handsome he is so sexy...FROM WHERE?

Do you want to lose weight?
Yes but not for the industry but for myself. The industry has accepted me like this. Mr. Amzad Khan, Mr. Sanjeev kumar was accepted the way there are. Today I am lucky enough that I have been accepted like this. My audience has accepted me fat. I want to lose weight for my children. My wife is my first child.

How different is TV from films?
For you it's different but for me it is the same. I have decided to be an actor. I have never decided to be just a TV actor or a film actor. And I will try to be same till the end of my career. So that I can do more good work. After Hazarron Kwaishe Aisi, Monsoon Wedding I haven't received good roles in movies so I went to TV and did Kasam Se. After Udaan I am offered roles which I want to do so I am doing it.

Are you satisfied?
I am definitely not satisfied. I am happy. I am at the happy place. I am doing lot of good roles but I am not satisfied as I know I have long way to go. And I am not a person who gets scared. I don't plan too far ahead. I like to concentrate on what I had in hand. I am not personality type who chooses to get scared. I know I have to work very hard to achieve a statist in films I have achieved in TV.

In TV work gets monotonous?
If I would have doing only 1 character for 3-4 years then but now I am doing lots of thing movie, ad, hosting. Right now my life is very interesting not at all monotonous.

Turning point of your career?
it's Kasam Se. Before that for 7 years I had work and I was a known face but after Kasam Se Jai Walia character I got the stardom in television. After the stardom everything size increased even my size also. That changed everything.

If you have to choose between TV and film which one you will choose?
It depends on lot of factors. Where I am in my career, what kind of role I m offered.
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