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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Great New Year Bash in Hyderabad

By M H Ahssan

Hyderabad City Is Emerging As Top Destination Ahead Of Hotspots Like Goa, Mumbai and Bangalore

Move over Goa, Mumbai and Bangalore, Hyderabad is the place to be for this New Year's eve. With terror strikes and security fears casting a shadow of dread over the regular party hotspots, Hyderabad has become the destination this December 31 for popular international and national artists like DJ Ravin from Buddha Bar, Paris, DJ Gino from Paris, Dale Anderson who is based in London, the Danish-Indian Bombay Rockers and DJ Suketu from Mumbai.

"Mumbai is on a high alert and with rumours floating around that Goa is likely to be the next target, people are scared to venture to these regular party destinations. Places like Hyderabad, which were never in the limelight until now, suddenly seem like a good option as they are perceived to be relatively safer," says DJ Lloyd, resident DJ at Poison Mumbai, who chose to play in Hyderabad on New Year's eve, over Mumbai and Goa.

In fact, Hyderabad is much better than even Bangalore and Chennai, agrees DJ Murthy. "I had 10 gigs in Goa and three in Mumbai lined up for December, all of which are cancelled. Chennai has also cancelled a number of its dos," he states adding that despite security apprehensions, this city still seems a safer place to be.

Organisers of these events say that unlike the previous years when people from here would head towards Goa and Mumbai to celebrate the new year, this time they are quite content to stay in the city. The organisers of Race 2009, an event which will see Bollywood's DJ Suketu usher in the new year, expect a number people from other places to visit the city. "Suketu is playing in India on December 31 for the first time in five years. It is going to be a big event and we are expecting some people from Mumbai too, who would like to attend this event," says DJ Ankit Sharma, event manager, Race 2009.

Hyderabadis, who are staying back this year, feel that the city will offer them a good time without the tension of terror threats marring their evening, believes Lloyd. Hyderabad on its part is going all out to make the night memorable for revellers with famous DJs, fancy audio-visual systems transported from Mumbai and even an artificial beach with a cruise liner and the others.

"There are different kinds of parties to suit different kinds of crowds. One can choose the music and atmosphere one wants. There is something for everyone this year," says Murthy.

"Two DJs from Paris are visiting India for the first time, and that too in Hyderabad, so it is going to be a huge party," says Rebecca Lee from Extreme Sports Bar, one of the sponsors of Nirvana 2009 to be held at HICC.

Apart from the entertainment, event organisers are doing their best to ensure their guests topmost security. "As per police instructions we are providing Z-grade security with 150 guards, police personnel, sniffer dogs and metal detectors at the venue. For one week prior to the event, our security team will be keeping an eye over the place to see that nothing untoward happens," says Sharma.

"We will provide a secure environment. There will be extra security at the gates, handbag checks and car passes will be allotted with tickets so there will be nothing to worry about," assures Lee.
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