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Monday, July 11, 2005


By M H Ahsan

The most confusing thing for an applicant while going for an interview is whether his interviewer wants him or her to have the right attitude or essential skills for the job. Most employers and professionals believe that the quality rather than quantity of degrees is more desirable in an interviewee. It is the right attitude and optimism, which takes one aspirant far ahead than others. You as a contender might be over qualified for the job that you are applying to but unless you have the confidence you could lose the job even to a less able candidate. Many things have to be kept in mind while preparing for and giving an interview including those mentioned below.

Time of arrival
You should neither arrive too late or too early to an interview. Coming early by one hour or more would send the wrong signal that you are too free for this particular job and are more than eager to join it. Even 30 minutes early would be a bit too much. The ideal time is to reach the place approximately 10 minutes before the interview. If you come at your listed time you might miss on some important announcements that are made at the last minute or you might just panic being in a new environment. So you should be well planned and decide before hand how do you intend to go keeping in mind the traffic and other possibilities. You must by any chance reach the office at least 5 minutes before the interview but the best time is 10 minutes early.

Treatment to the receptionist
You might think that the receptionist is just to attend to your concerns and queries but you are wrong. She is not even there to comfort you. She is an important person in the office and surprisingly has a say in the selection of candidates and thus you should be at your best even in front of her. She should not realize your nervousness and tension as could report it to the officials later on. A receptionist is one who sees you unaware and thus notices your true personality and ideology. So must be extra cautious in front of her as she might prove instrumental in your acquiring of a particular job.

Reason to work for the company
When the company officials ask you why you want the job then you never ought to say that the short distance to the office suits you or that you need the money that you would get as salary. You must never show them that you need their services but try to inculcate the habit of saying that you would like to help the firm or organization by applying your skills and dedication to your job and thus raising their status because the company wants to hire you for their own benefit and not to help you financial or oblige you by giving you the job. They need your services and not provide you facilities. Hence you must show eagerness to help them so that they hire you.

Talking about current boss
While you are being interviewed you might be asked to say something or to give your view point on your current boss as the interviewers try to steal information about your personality in this way. By being negative and complaining you could render negative information about yourself, which could hamper your application. You should convert your sour experiences into learning and positive ones and try to say minimum as you might be cross-questioned which may land you in trouble. You should always try to say best about your current boss and mention his good traits. No matter how strained relationships you might be having with your boss those should never come into acquaintance with your interviewer. Saying badly about others delivers negative about us too.

Reason you left your last job
The reasons you provide to the interviewers for your leaving the current job ought to depict your positive and move ahead in life attitude. Problem with colleagues or other members of organization would give a hint that you are uncooperative and not adjusting no matter what the truth is. You must never blame anybody but say that it is because that you believe in growing that you think that a change in job could help you. Too much expectation as a reason to leave the job sounds as if you run away from responsibilities and are a coward. So you should mention that change in life is only a means to grow and that you would like to work with such a prosperous and growing company like them and also help them with your hard working abilities, unmatched skills and experience.

The questions you should ask When given the opportunity to ask questions you should not give into the flow and ask about benefits and vacation time including salary. You should be neutral and ask general questions. But neither should you say that you have researched too well and need not ask anything as they might cross question you and saying this might also show lack of concern nor should you say that they explained the things too well and you do not need any further assistance. The best possible answer could be to prepare certain logical and business type questions which show your knowledge as well as interest. You should ask these questions only if asked to and not demand an answer. Asking relevant questions is very important. You must prepare these questions beforehand as thinking of a question there and then might make you nervous and lead you to ask irrelevant or unnecessary questions.

Thus while preparing or appearing for an interview you should always be extra cautious as to never concentrate on your degrees but on your ability to reach the pinnacle and your attitude. All the employers are looking for are good able candidates who are willing to work hard and take their company ahead. So you must concentrate on your attitude and not your aptitude.
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