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The Big Idea Challenge is to develop the idea, concept, plan and submit us in these columns or link to this post or send us at for our evaluation. If we like your idea, you will get Rs.25,000 in cash (best 50 ideas will be awarded) apart from patenting your idea on your name. This is not an end, if the idea goes on floors, you will be called to join as an Advisor and royalty will be shared with you too.

Hurry up, just jott down your idea to take shape. Here are the topics:
Select one of the topic and start working on your brilliant idea. Once get ready, write the concept, then plan and send us for our evaluation. That's all!

Once we receive your idea, our team will get in touch with you to establish the authenticity  confidentiality and chalk out the modalities.

Why late? Take your pen out and shoot your idea. We have 100 early bird entries too, which gets Rs.5,000 each.
Choice is yours! - All the best!

What is BIG IDEA?
BIG IDEA is a call to action. "It’s the challenger spirit that leads us to build ourselves better lives."

The thirst for a brighter future is something shared by people around the world. Big Idea, initiated by a group of corporate  is a movement of determined people who are working towards goals of all sizes, every day. Around the world, people are greening businesses and building schools, advocating for reform and harnessing new technologies to drive positive change in medicine, entertainment, political transparency, and much more.

This, says corporate, is Idea-the optimism, determination, and grit to take responsibility for a better future. In 2013, Big Idea is bigger and better.

What is 'Big Idea Challenge'?
Big Idea Challenge is an online platform for change-makers across India to connect with one another, collaborate and exchange ideas, procure volunteers and donors, and to compete for monthly grants from a group of corporate.

Submit a “Big Idea” – a Project or Idea that aims to drive positive change – and work with the Big Idea community to make it a reality! Browse through existing Big Ideas and support your favorites by voting, volunteering, lending your expertise, or providing funds and equipment. Hope on over to our Discussion Forum, introduce yourself, and spark a conversation. The Big Idea Community is growing and thriving – join today and play your part in India’s Idea! Watch this video and you will get a better sense of that this movement; a better sense of how YOU could be one of the many, we hope, who creates Big Idea.

The INN advantage
INN readers can submit their ideas here itself. If you have an idea or a project that you believe will create a Big Idea, send us the kernel of your thoughts in 500 words or less using our comments box. Our editorial team will go through these ideas and shortlist the best and most practical. We will then help you fill up your entry in the format required by 'Big Idea Challenge'.

Do you have an idea that could improve the lives of Indians in the following areas?
A platform to propel innovation, entrepreneurship, and positive change in India. Share your ideas now.

What's happened so far? What will happen next?
In 2012, Big Idea empowered 48 innovators with grants, and enabled thousands more to join the movement to help India grow. This year, Big Idea Challenge returns with a heightened sense of commitment, with more partnerships, more resources and more support to help innovators, entrepreneurs and volunteers to drive positive change.

In 2015, Big Idea Challenge will enable change makers to drive positive change in India through:

- Funding: more grants per round will allow more people to kick off their projects or take them to the next level
- Training: intensive workshops by industry experts to help develop a solid growth model and create deeper social impact
- Mentorship: pairing with an experienced mentor who will provide additional support, coaching and network access

If that’s not enough, Big Idea Challenge will be coming to a city near you. With road shows around the country, INN will be helping connect social entrepreneurs and innovators to one another. Join the movement, and help spark the change!

How do you win? What is the jury looking for?

Public voting and Jury evaluation
For each of the four monthly rounds and the Grand Finale, Big Idea Challenge will be evaluated both by the public and by our expert Jury. Anyone who signs up on Big Idea Challenge is eligible to vote and can support their favorite ideas. The Jury will evaluate each submission by looking at the Big Idea impact, feasibility, and potential. 

How can you evaluate the strength of an Idea? We suggest that you use the following framework both when you are creating your own Sparks and evaluating others:

Impact: How much will it affect the target group's lives? How many people will it help? Is it a one-time improvement or a continuous/long-term change?

Feasibility: Does the Project or Idea’s action plan look achievable? If this Spark receives a grant, is it likely to succeed?

Innovation: Is this Spark creative or original? Does it demonstrate alternative thinking that we can learn something new from?

The Jury will use these three points to make their decisions. However, public voting means that voters are free to evaluate Big Idea as they choose. And remember, even if your idea is not chosen to receive a grant, you can always use Big Idea Challenge as a platform to attract volunteers and donations.

What's at Stake?

Earn Grants
Each month, 12 ideas will receive grants. Of these, 8 will be Projects, and 4 will be Ideas. Winning Projects will receive a grant of Rs. 4 lakh each, while winning Ideas will receive Rs. 2 lakh each. Winning ideas will be decided by a combination of public voting and Jury evaluation. The top 2 Projects and top 1 Idea from each month will be eligible to participate in the Grand Finale. The remaining 6 entries – for a total of 18 participants in the Grand Finale – will be chosen by our expert Jury. 

The winning entry from among all INN entries will receive a wildcard entry into the second round of judging.

Grand Finale
During 2013, 18 finalists will be in the running for 5 large grants from our group of corporate. The 5 grants will be awarded as follows:

1) Projects:

1.1) The Top Project winner will receive 1 grant of Rs. 40 lakh.
1.2) The two runner-up Project winners will each receive 1 grant of Rs. 20 lakh each.

2) Ideas:

2.1) The Top Idea winner will win 1 grant of Rs. 20 lakh.
2.2) The Top runner-up Idea winner will win 1 grant of Rs.10 lakh.

  • Submit Your Idea/Project
  • Name:
  • Email:
  • Address:
  • Pincode:
  • Is your submission an Idea / a Project:
Send the above details to with a subject line 'Big Idea Challenge' on or before 25th day of every month for the entries of the month. Entries receiving after 25th day will be considered as next month entry. All selected entries will be notified by email only.
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